Short Notice Weddings


We are available on extremely short notice. We specialize in short-notice weddings since we have the largest network, answer and return phonecalls and emails promptly, and are experts in officiating marriage ceremonies. If you have your wedding license, we can marry you today. We can easily officiate your wedding with a few days notice and a few weeks notice is way more time than we'll ever need. We specialize in fast marriages and are ready to marry you on any day of the year, including holidays, at whatever location and whatever time you want. If you need to get a marriage license first, you can call us at 1-888-886-6075 for assistance or see Getting A Marriage License

Since we expert Justices Of The Peace with much experience doing quick, fast marriages, we do not need much time to prepare and execute a quick ceremony. We can meet you free of charge or do all the preparation by internet and phone. As always, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

There is no quicker, better way to have a beautiful yet inexpensive wedding. We have helped thousands of people get married for over 15 years. We have given more people great quick weddings than any other company in the world. We are proud and we are grateful to serve you so lovingly.