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Beach Weddings

If you are planning a beach wedding, the most important piece of advice is to have an alternative location planned in case of bad weather. Where will the wedding be if the beach wedding becomes impossible?

Have A Backup Plan

Outdoor weddings are often treasured by wedding couples. There are many lovely outdoor wedding locations - beach weddings, lake front weddings, forest weddings, mountain weddings, garden weddings...the options are endless! With any outdoor wedding, it is vital that the bride and groom work with their coordinator or wedding company to establish a backup plan in the event of bad weather. If the wedding location is on the grounds of a hotel or inn, coordinate ahead of time to have a banquet room ready for you in the event of inclement weather. This option may cost a little more, but it will save you worry and potential heartache later! Another option is to plan to have only the ceremony outdoors and the reception inside (or inside with an outside portion). In the event of inclement weather, you can simply hold the entire event in the room you planned to have the reception in - without incurring extra costs! This is by far the most "secure" and least expensive way of having an outdoor wedding, and one of the easier backup plans. If your outdoor wedding will be held in an area with no building nearby (or a building too small to hold your guests), such as in a forest clearing or in the garden of a private estate, consider using a tent for the reception. In the event of bad weather, you can move the ceremony and reception into the tent. Be sure the tent is water tight and sturdy! Whatever backup plan you select, be sure you tell ALL of your wedding vendors (especially those that require lighting and electricity) of your plan ahead of time. They may bring up alternate concerns you have not thought of and can help you solidify a great backup plan. After all, your wedding vendors are professionals, and have likely had experience with this sort of thing before.

Tips For Brides On The Beach

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in the summer, and you think it will be hot - wear a light gown so that you do not overheat and sweat unnecessarily (not becoming in photographs). If your dress does have a train, be sure to consider what the ground you will be walking over is like. Is it dirt that will turn your train brown? Is it grass? Is the train heavy enough to where the grass might stain it? Using an aisle runner can help with this, but, in a windy outdoor setting, if not secured, the runner will come loose. Be sure to solidly secure your aisle runner before the ceremony if your location is windy. Also, consider consulting a professional makeup artist and your photographer about your makeup plans. The shimmer powder that is so popular today can, if applied too liberally, and photographed in sunlight, produce a slight glare in your photographs. You will also want to use makeup that holds up nicely, even if you do sweat (or "glow" ) a little. You want you makeup to hold up well during the outdoor sunlit ceremony, and through the reception, without looking caked on or streaking. If your outdoor location may be slightly windy, opt for a veil that can be secured behind your head before you walk down the aisle (or don't wear one at all). You do not want your veil floating in front of your face and moving about during the ceremony. A bride (or officiate or bridesmaid or groom) swatting at and moving your veil around during the ceremony does not make for great photographs.


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